CME Institute for Choral Teacher Education


Inspired Conducting and Choral Teaching

Study with Doreen Rao, Lee Kesselman and Sandra Snow

July 31 – August 3, 2014

Carthage College on Lake Michigan

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Welcome to the CME Institute for Choral Teacher Education, an exemplary professional development summer course for conductors and choral teachers since 1986.

Join this inspired community of colleagues led by Doreen Rao, Lee Kesselman and Sandra Snow. Together we will explore best practices in conducting and choral teaching supported by mindfulness meditation, a peacemaking antidote to the destructive effects of digital media and busy lives.

A classical and contemporary repertoire of spiritually inspired choral music will include newly-edited treble works by Italian composers Allesandro Scarlatti and Nicola Porpora alongside a newly composed Requiem Missa Brevis by Chicago composer Lita Grier. All are perfectly suited for liturgical, educational, and concert performance.

This rigorous and interactive conducting course engages conductors, teachers, and invited children and youth choirs in an inspirational program of repertoire and innovative choral pedagogy as a means of cultivating the capacity to pay attention and to transform the lives of young singers. Doreen will introduce Harvard University research that supports best practices in choral music education as "work excellent in quality, socially responsible, and meaningful to its practitioners.”

We look forward to seeing you at Carthage College on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.